Communicating value to shape a better world

Our purpose at COG “Communicating Value to Shape a Better World”

Over the past decade of working in B2B marketing, I continue to be amazed by the contributions from the people and companies I come across.

Whether it be automating processes to make workplaces safer, sourcing coffee that improves the lives of farmers, or supplying parts and services that improve Australian manufacturing, I’m so lucky to work with these “behind-the-scenes” companies that make a real difference to the world we live in today.

These companies often exhaust their energy perfecting and delivering their products and services. They don’t have the time to sit back and appreciate the difference they are making, the skills to document it, or audience to communicate with.

At COG Advertising, in partnership with Prime Creative Media, we provide our clients both the skills and audience, as a full-service agency dedicated to B2B industrial markets. We are fortunate to work with companies that inherently offer such strong value in what they do.

It’s been this journey that has led to our purpose statement: Communicating Value to Shape a Better World. We take genuine pleasure in documenting and broadcasting the incredible value of industrial B2B companies who are making a real difference. And we look forward to communicating this value for years to come.


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By Sarah Doyle, Creative Director, COG Advertising

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