Our relationship with COG is more of a high level collaborative partnership. COG engage directly with us on all levels of our marketing campaigns, from strategy and branding through to content development and distribution.





COG and ifm have worked together on multiple marketing campaigns from concept through to distribution, in both creative design and content creation including videos, white papers, sales collateral, website development and staff photography.

“COG are always at the front of my mind for any ifm Australia marketing activity, as they provide the most engaging, honest and professional service we could ask for. Together, we have created some amazing content that has even been requested by our global subsidiaries due to the magnificent results we’ve seen. COG just know us, they know our business, our company feel, our corporate presentation nationally and our global impact. From our history with other providers, COG stand out remarkably. Their design work and editorial content are second to none. COG are a wonderful fully engaged team and we love dealing with them on both a professional and personal level.”

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